Protecting Cars, Trucks and Commercial Vehicles from Hacking


If a physical device is connected to the internet, it can be targeted with a cyber-attack. Thus, with tens of millions of connected cars on the road today – and hundreds of millions of them expected to be by 2022 – threats to the safety and privacy of motorists, passengers, bystanders and private as well as corporate property already exist and are set to grow substantially.
While connectivity can be used to make us safer, more productive and entertained while in transit, it creates an attack surface through which to access the vehicle’s delicate Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. Once inside, hackers may be able to send commands to the vehicle from a remote location in order to, inter alia, steal private and corporate data, track individual vehicles or entire fleets and hijack non-safety and safety-critical functions – imagine losing the ability to steer or brake while speeding down a highway.

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In 2013, heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles transported over $11.5 trillion of goods in the US alone. A pillar of the American and world economies, the trucking industry is powered by connectivity technologies that improve fleet efficiencies, streamline deliveries, reduce down time, fuel costs and more. These technologies also hold the promise of pushing profit margins through new innovative functions such as platooning, accident avoidance, preventative maintenance and lowering driver turnover rates.
Although critical to the competitiveness of trucking and commercial fleet operators, connectivity makes these vehicles and their operators lucrative targets for hackers naturally motivated by the money.

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Secure Connected Mobility

At Soft-Tech we create applications to secure connected vehicles, applications, and services against cyber threats and attacks. Our services including OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers can detect cyber threats against their assets, secure their vehicles, and comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations. We provide both onboard and offboard protection against cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Management
Vehicle Vulnerability Management monitors vehicle fleets for vulnerabilities, identifies points of risk, and provides an immediate plan for mitigation. Vehicle manufacturers use the tool to understand what software packages are affected, on which ECUs, and in which vehicles.

Fleet Protection (VSOC)
Operating from the cloud or integrated in a vehicle security operations center (VSOC) make solutions to secure production and post-production vehicles against attack. We provide OEMs and fleet managers dedicated tools to detect, investigate, and respond to attacks and identify suspicious patterns.

ECU Protection
ECU Protection detects and mitigates attacks targeting all types of electronic control units (ECUs) from telematics, infotainment and ADAS units running on high-end operating systems (Linux, QNX, Android, Adaptive AUTOSAR) to body control modules, running on Classic AutoSar and bare-metal ECUs.

In-Vehicle Network Protection
In-Vehicle Network Protection monitors and analyzes network communications to detect and prevent attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard in-vehicle network behavior. Acting as a sensor, provides detailed alerts that can be further analyzed to enable rapid detection and response. Supporting a wide array of network protocols — CAN and CAN-FD, Ethernet (with SOME/IP, DoIP etc.) and more — OEMs around the globe are deploying this suite to protect against current and future attacks.