Beck Oliver is one of the eight fundamental characters of Victorious

Beck Oliver is one of the eight fundamental characters of Victorious

They are Jade West’s boyfriend and is apparently the best choice of group. On account of their talents and you can good-seems and especially their fluffy locks, he’s well-accepted which have female (and additionally more youthful adult female). The guy in addition to is apparently really relaxed, smart, and you will mature at most minutes. Their talent is pretending and will getting named a fairly man.

Physical appearance

Beck is extremely attractive, and then he becomes a lot of focus off their people and you will also more youthful adult girls, such as socialite Alyssa Vbulance rider within the Jade Dumps Beck, and you will Katie, the feminine director from the Wood. Just like the noticed in A film from the Dale Squires, when he says he’s going to be capable of getting certain cheerleaders to come more than and you may correspond with Robbie, the guy is apparently aware of the result their seems enjoys towards the opposite sex. But not, Beck remains rather smaller about any of it, therefore seems that he only takes advantage of their looks and make Jade envious. He is considered also known as good “quite kid” due to their looks.

Their hair is considered to be one of his most glamorous has actually, as mentioned into the Nut new Panic, Locked-up!, Helen Again, and you will Riding Tori In love. Jade even mentioned for the TheSlap one to she’d end up being delivering his gel or any other activities with her on a journey you to definitely sunday to ensure that he “wouldn’t look fantastic if you’re she are moved”. Eg was their hair’s reputation you to definitely Tori Takes Requests #8 is serious about seeing in the event the Tori make it research ugly.


Beck is really form, rational, soft-verbal, easy-going, level-headed, mature beyond his decades whom appears to be friends with anyone, actually people including Robbie, Pet, and Sinjin, that are noticed some odd. Even when the guy does not usually get involved in crisis, he or she is small to simply help anybody away, such as when he repaired Robbie’s automobile from inside the A movie of the Dale Squires, assisted find the emails so you can enchantment Ke$ha during the Frozen dessert to have Ke$ha, and performed Tori’s stunt on her behalf from inside the Beck Drops for Tori.

Even though Beck is probably the most normal and you can sane of all the fresh new emails, he doesn’t talk far and appears to be rather silent. Their locker is obvious in order to show the fact he “does not have any treasures.” He takes acting most certainly, and thinks you to definitely acting is really on the “maybe not pretending at all, but allowing this new feelings inside your come out and you may portray moments. ” (The Wood). Something else entirely that ways his hushed, separate personality is that the he lives on his own during the an enthusiastic Rv, as opposed to together with his moms and dads, very he is able to keeps his own guidelines. Not much is well known on the his loved ones otherwise records.

Beck is actually a highly gifted and you can highly acknowledged actor in the Movie industry Arts. Though it has been proven that he could play a guitar, play, and you can dancing, he appears to be way more focused on pretending than simply audio. He got second place in Sikowitz’s method acting difficulties for the Sleepover during the Sikowitz’s and can also cam in various accessories really well.

Even with their connection with Jade, Beck appears to enjoy the attention he gets off their lady (Pilot, Nut the Freak-out, and Timber) and you will scarcely introduces the fact that he currently keeps an effective girlfriend instead anybody else (constantly Cat otherwise Jade) bringing-up they basic. Beck does not check as well concerned with just how this ideas has an effect on Jade, have a tendency to dismissing their of course, if she will bring that it right up, and you may seems to appreciate rilling right up her jealousy and you will allowing her draw her own conclusionspared in order to their partner, Beck will not frequently score envious quickly, are as an alternative uncaring when it comes to Sinjin flirting which have Jade, but this could be even more due to exactly how impractical it is one Jade carry out come back Sinjin’s thinking due to the fact Beck looked a little envious because of the Jade teasing having Moose.